Julian Szumowski
General Manager Biznes Boxing Polska
Pragmatic taskmaster with a Creative Eye. Connects people from an early age. In high school he became famous for being the host of legendary house parties and later, while working on the islands, he organised legendary matches between the Poles and the English. A connoisseur of Standup where his brother Piotrek found his vocation. He sees great strength and potential in integrating people for a good cause. He initiated the beginning of the history of White Collar Boxing in Poland by organising a gala where the Mayor of Poznan fought a boxing duel with the most successful boxer in Poland, Darek Michalczewski. That night they collected 110,000zl for charity and today the total amount collected after more than 30 Galas is over 2 million zlotys! No marathon or triathlon can motivate a person to such sacrifices in training as the awareness of the fact that we will fight in the ring in front of hundreds of people. By signing up for our galas you will get in shape for life, you will help those in need and at the end you will fight a duel in front of incredible cheering of your friends, which your grandchildren will hear about. I have no doubt that one day we will reach 10 million raised for charity,” says Julian Szumowski.