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SPORTBIZ Slovakia is a brand new event on the map of European sports conferences. The sportstech industry is growing at a rapid pace, more and more interesting and original startups are emerging, and this is just the beginning. Polish and Slovak organizers are joining forces to introduce the entire Central and Eastern European region to the world of technology, both in terms of infrastructure, as well as the day-to-day operation of sports organizations and sports sponsors. The presence of experts from all over Europe is guaranteed, and the number of seats is limited, so don’t delay!

Bratislava’s modern stadium is already waiting for you!

IT’S NOT LONG BEFORE we reveal the first SPORTBIZ Slovakia PRELEGENTS!


We have really prepared a lot of topics, panels and unique case studies. In order to have time to share them all with you, speeches will be held simultaneously on 4 stages: sports, local government, media and sponsorship. Check out what you will learn at the event on each of them! We will soon announce the detailed program and speakers.

Scene 1: SportsTech & Municipalities: the future of sports in harmony with the city

How to integrate sports with urban space?

What are eSubsidies and how can they contribute to the development of sports while taking care of the planet?

IoT in sports – innovative ways to improve performance in the field of sports.

Stadiums are becoming smart – the transformation of sports venues into technology centers.

How to collect, analyze and act on sports data in real time?

Scene 2: SportsTech & Sports Organisations: innovations in sports management.

Payments in sports – how is technology improving the flow of money between organizations?

Modern tools to help manage sports.

Transforming local sports clubs into global brands.

Spotting talent has never been easier – what to look for when attracting players to your club?

The latest trends in the operation of major European sports clubs.

Scene 3: SportsTech & Fan Engagement: creating a bond with fans

How do we understand the needs of supporters and engage them in our project?

Innovative approach to interacting with fans at sporting events

Create unique experiences and content for fans

Do supporters want to compete with each other – a few words about gamification.

What are the benefits of having engaged supporters?

Scene 4: SportsTech & Media: New horizons in sports media

The sports media revolution in the digital age

Successes and challenges in sports broadcasting on digital platforms

New solutions in sports content creation: VR, AR, OTT and more

What elements are worth paying attention to when creating materials in different media?

Create engaging video content for social media

Why you should

If you want to visit Bratislava

… it’s really worth it. Bratislava Castle rises proudly above the city, and the historic townhouses in the old part of the Slovakian capital exude charm. Located on the banks of the Danube River, the city offers beautiful views and relaxation in its numerous parks. Any culture lover will find excellent museums and theaters to enjoy. Bratislava tempts with delicious tastes of local cuisine and invites you to discover not only the past, but also the future, making it a perfect match for our event.

An impressive castle on a hill above the Danube River with beautiful views.

A charming neighborhood with historic churches, townhouses and St. Michael’s Gate.

A distinctive suspension bridge with a UFO-shaped viewing platform.

A beautiful Gothic church with an impressive tower and interior.


1 Day 

800PLN / 175EUR



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2 Days 

1200PLN / 270EUR



Tylko do końca sierpnia!




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    sportbiz awards

    During SPORTBIZ Slovakia there will be national qualifiers for the final award in Warsaw. Every organization, sports arena and sponsor has a chance to win the international SPORTBIZ Award Statue. What is it all about and how can you win?


    Slovan Bratislava Stadium is a modern facility where the local Slovan and the Slovak national team play their matches. Completed just 4 years ago, it meets all the requirements and standards to become a great arena for hosting an international event like SPORTBIZ Slovakia. We look forward to welcoming you to the Slovak capital and the walls of this beautiful facility!

    Slovan Bratislava Stadium

    Viktor Tegelhoff Street 4, 831 04 Bratislava, Slovakia

    with sportbiz have collaborated


    During SPORTBIZ Slovakia you will have the opportunity to meet leaders from other countries, establish interesting relationships and potential collaborations, but most importantly learn about technologies that will allow you to immediately improve your organization and gain a competitive advantage. This will be the first edition to be held in Slovakia, so it’s a good opportunity to send a signal that your club is curious about international developments in the region and supports innovative and creative ideas.

    Compared to similar scale of coverage and attractiveness of the program and speakers of events focused on technology in sports, our price is well below average! Hosting an event involves many costs, such as venue rental, logistics, hiring staff, technical equipment and speakers. All of these elements contribute to the overall cost of production, which affects the price of tickets. The event also has a limited number of seats, and the price will increase the closer you get to the event.

    Participation in SPORTBIZ Slovakia provides you with the hard skills needed and required to work in sports at the highest level, and gives you the latest knowledge in sports technology. The people you have the opportunity to meet at our events can help you reach many of the influential people you need to reach in the world of sports. If necessary, you will receive a certificate of participation in the event, which will confirm that your knowledge and skills are constantly improving and that your work, is also your passion.

    Who among us hasn’t heard from his or her boss or boss’s boss that he or she won’t pay for some training and trips. Well, we used to be on that side too, so especially for such situations we have prepared a guide for you – Convince Your Boss. With it, you don’t have to explain yourself why you should come to us – we will do it for you!

    It is difficult to find and address everyone’s needs, but in sports many solutions are universal, and representatives of completely different disciplines and countries, face similar problems. However, we spend many weeks to prepare a comprehensive and varied program for the participants, so that you can find at least a few lectures that best fit the current problems you are facing in your company, club, union, local government or federation. If you are missing a topic, please email us at and let us know, and we’ll see what we can do!

    If you think you’re qualified and have an interesting case to discuss, get back to and we’ll try to find a mutually satisfactory solution and maybe even a place in the program.

    We ourselves best understand the need to change and expand our business environment, which is why this is the first time an international sports conference will be held in Slovakia, and we are targeting everyone who is interested in developing their brand and operations right here in this part of Europe. Join us and don’t miss the chance to gain top knowledge and experience and meet brand new faces in the world of sports and business from the CEE region.


    Dominik Kajzerski

    Project Director

    Do you have questions? We will be happy to help you!

    Patryk Roszkowiak

    Project Manager

    Do you have questions? We will be happy to help you!

    Roman Krajniak 

    Event Co-Organizer

    Do you have questions? We will be happy to help you!