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Sport Forum Hungary is Hungary’s leading sports conference, bringing together key actors in the sports scene in one place and in a synthetic format. This is the organizers’ second event in 2023, which this time will focus on international cooperation and key issues shaping sports life and the economy of the V4 region. The second edition of Sport Forum will focus on five major trends: Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, Digitalization, Integration and Internationalization. The conference aims to inspire innovation and positive change to contribute to building a sustainable, smart and globally connected sports world. 

During the first edition, 646 guests registered, and this time more than 1,000 participants are scheduled!

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Part of the program will be prepared by us, in connection with the partnership between SPORTBIZ Summit and Sport Forum Hungary. We prepared the agenda filled with knowledge and top speakers that in one day, will provide you with knowledge normally absorbed for a month! The entire program and speakers are available here, and the main topics we will cover at Sport Forum Hungary are:

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN SPORTS: how following the green path wisely will take everyone even further and higher

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: The trend that’s changing everything

DIGITIZATION: There is no way to grow without digitalization, you need to adapt and keep up with it

EXCITING SPORT, RECREATIONAL SPORT AND ACTIVE LIVING STYLE: the driving force behind a healthy nation

INTERNATIONALISM: what are the similarities and differences between the sports ecosystems of the Visegrad Group (V4) countries?

SPORTS FACILITIES: Investment, implementation and sustainable operation to build forward-looking infrastructure

DEVELOPMENT IN SPORTS: How to compete in the marketplace in a rapidly changing environment?

SPORTS EVENTS: their impact on economic, social and sports development in Hungary and the V4 region

SPORTS FINANCING: Business case for sports strategies, economic models and financing at the level of team and individual sports

RECREATIONAL SPORTS: The strategic importance of education and infrastructure and the role of the state in recreational sports.

INNOVATIONS IN SPORTS: Digitization, artificial intelligence and technological developments are transforming the entire sports ecosystem.

SPORTS MARKETING: Marketing is essential for real progress.

SPORTS HEALTH: Prevention, mental and physical strengthening in sports

SPORTS LAW: Playing by the rules – rights and obligations in sports contracts

SPORTS BRANDS: Discovering the secrets of sports brands and athletes

SPORTS MANAGEMENT: major challenges for clubs and federations and management of athletes

EDUCATION, TRAINING OF TRAINERS: Continuing education and personal branding.

SPORTS MEDIA: Challenges of new technologies and changing consumer habits

SPORTS TECHNOLOGIES: Innovative methods and tools for top performance


Tickets can be purchased on the website of the main organizer. When you enter the code “SPORTBIZ10”, you will receive a discount of 10% on the selected ticket. See you at the legendary Puskas Arena this October!

sportbiz awards

During Sport Forum Hungary, special sports awards will be presented for which Hungarian sports entities will compete. Besides, there will also be national qualifiers for the prestigious international statuettes, which will be awarded during the SPORTBIZ Summit in Warsaw. Every sports venue, sponsor and sports media creator has a chance to win an international SPORTBIZ Award Statue. What’s at stake and how can you win?


The Puskas Arena is one of the most unique and majestic venues in Europe, and every sports fan should visit it at least once in their lives. The stadium hosted the thrilling duel between Sevilla and Roma, the crowning match of this year’s Europa League, and in the past it has hosted matches that have made soccer history forever. So is Budapest itself, a city full of fascinating places to visit that are sure to delight you.

Ferenc Puskás Stadium

Budapest, 1146 Hungary

If you want to visit Budapeszt

… then don’t give it a second thought. This is one of the most beautiful European capitals, which has a lot to offer even the most demanding tourists. Here are some of our suggestions, in terms of places worth visiting, when coming to Sport Forum.

An impressive building, a symbol of the city.

Beautiful thermal springs, ideal for relaxation.

Picturesque towers with breathtaking views.

A magnificent bridge over the Danube, offering views of the city skyline.


Ildikó Toth

Sport Forum Hungary

Do you have questions? We will be happy to help you!

Do you have questions? We will be happy to help you!