Maciej Szafran
Secretary General of the Polish Gymnastics Association
Graduate and didactic employee of AWFiS in Gdańsk, postgraduate student in psychology of leadership at UG and graduate of Kozminski University in the field of sport management with the FiFA/CiES (International Programme in Sport Management) certificate. Local, national and international experience in activities for sports organisations. For many years he has been involved in the area of sports management, sports infrastructure and coordination of numerous sports projects. Direct and indirect organiser of hundreds of local, national and international sports events and events, including European and World Championships. Initiator, participant of international projects e.g. Erasmus + Sport. Professional goal – creation and implementation of strategies for the development of sports projects and organisations at home and abroad Currently: • Secretary General of the Polish Gymnastics Association. • Coordinator of sailing events of the Polish Sailing Association. • Member of the Sports Council of the Academic Sports Association. • Vice-President of the AZS AWFIS Gdańsk Sports Club. • Member of the World Sailing Development & Regions Committee / leader of the Inspiration & Participation Working Party.