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The 20th Sports and Business Gala becomes the first SPORTBIZ Awards! The name change is just the beginning, because in addition to the classic categories that sports Poland already knows well, international awards are also joining! The DEMES have served us and the Winners for 19 editions, but the time for growth has come, of which the SPORTBIZ Awards are the face. Check out the details of this year’s Gala below.

In addition to the Awards Ceremony itself, as per tradition, we are also hosting a dinner, music and offering networking in a relaxed atmosphere until late into the night!

national categories

This year, the prestigious awards are undergoing major changes. Starting with a rebranding, a change in the way the winner is selected and a new division of categories, to going overseas and completely new Statues. Below are the names, descriptions and requirements for the 9 categories aimed only at Polish candidates – applications will follow similar rules as in previous years and will open soon. In each category, our new Jury will select 3 finalists.

CSR in Sports: The CSR in Sports Award recognizes innovative initiatives by sports organizations and companies that go beyond business goals to focus on social responsibility. Candidates to receive this Award are making a positive difference by engaging the local community, promoting education, health, caring for the environment or fighting inequality. Significant social impact and long-term commitment are key evaluation criteria here.

New Technologies in Sports: This Award will honor companies and start-ups that are revolutionizing the world of sports with advanced technologies. Breakthrough solutions that improve athletes’ performance, their training, monitor health and integrate sports with technology in the form of wearables or digital solutions are the main points of evaluation. The ability to transform the sports experience for athletes and fans, as well as the creativity and past success of the new solution, are key factors in selecting the winners.

Women’s Sports: The Women’s Sports Award recognizes organizations, athletes and initiatives that support the development of women’s sports and promote gender equality in the world of sports. Judging criteria include increasing access to sports for women, promoting their achievements, supporting training and encouraging physical activity. Winners in this category should inspire the next generation of female athletes, and by their behavior and actions, set the stage for the development of women’s sports as a whole.

Sports Media: This Award is intended to show appreciation to media platforms and journalists who provide original and exciting sports coverage. Winners are expected to use a variety of media forms to convey credible information, interesting stories and in-depth analysis that engage viewers and readers. Creativity, production quality and the ability to capture the spirit of sports events are key elements in the judging.

Marketing Campaign: creating an original, creative and effective marketing campaign is no easy task. The Marketing Campaign Award recognizes campaigns promoting sports events, brands and athletes that have succeeded in this art. Winners in this category should demonstrate ingenuity, accuracy of communication and the ability to stand out in a competitive marketing environment. The effectiveness of the campaign in attracting audiences, increasing brand awareness and achieving business goals is a key evaluation.

Digital Marketing: the Digital Marketing award recognizes outstanding achievements by companies and agencies in using digital tools to promote sports. Judging criteria include innovative approaches to online marketing, effective use of social media, email campaigns or advertising platforms. Winners should demonstrate their ability to achieve business successes, generate interest among the online community and use the data collected to optimize marketing efforts.

Sports Tourism: This is a brand new Award that will be presented at our Gala. It will honor organizations that create unique experiences combining sports and tourism. Winners are expected to offer attractive and innovative sports opportunities in beautiful locations, encouraging tourists to get active and explore new places.

Fan Engagement: With this Award, we recognize sports clubs and organizations that excel at engaging their fans. Winners in this category demonstrate the creation of exceptional fan experiences, active online and offline community engagement, and innovative loyalty programs that build strong bonds between the team and its fans. Every fan of a winning sports organization must feel an important part of the club and an integral part of it.

Sports Photography: This award will recognize the most talented photographers who have captured exciting and memorable moments in sports. The ability to convey the passion, beauty and dynamism of sports moments is a key aspect of judging. Winners in this category should stand out for their originality, composition and ability to capture the essence of sports events in a single shot.

international categories

The biggest innovation at this year’s SPORTBIZ Awards Gala are the international categories. You can apply for them on the same basis as for national categories. Regional qualifiers will determine the finalists, leaving one final spot for a Polish candidate as well. Get to know the categories better, and surely everything will be clear by now.

Sponsorship Project: This is a prestigious Award for an innovative sponsorship project that effectively supports the development of sports and engages local companies in Central and Eastern Europe. It is required that projects honored in this category demonstrate effective partnerships, creative strategies and positive impact on the sports community.

Sports Facility: The award will go to the most modern sports facility in Central and Eastern Europe that exemplifies quality, innovation and contributes to the development of sports in the region. Awarded facilities are required to be aligned with international standards, meet technical and visual requirements, have a history of hosting international sports competitions and events, and provide an exceptional experience for athletes and fans.

Sports Organization: this award will go to a sports organization in Central and Eastern Europe that has achieved significant success in the management and development of sports. It is required that the winners’ organizations demonstrate professional structures, effective talent development programs, active involvement of the sports community, sports successes and results, and a positive impact on the development of sports and the promotion of physical activity in the region.


Since our awards have taken on an international character, the same had to happen with the jury! Soon we’ll present members of the SPORTBIZ Awards jury from Poland, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia.



(Hungary) Start of nomination and collection of applications


(Slovakia) Start of nomination and collection of applications


(Hungary) Deadline for submitting nominations


(Hungary) Selection of finalists in each category


(Hungary) Announcement of results at Sport Forum Hungary


(Slovakia) Deadline for submitting nominations


(Slovakia) Selection of finalists in each category


(Slovakia) Announcement of results during SPORTBIZ Slovakia


(Poland) Begin submitting nominations and collecting


(Poland) Deadline for submitting nominations


(Poland) Selection of finalists in each


(All) Completion of the International Jury


(Poland) Announcement of final results at the SPORTBIZ Awards Gala


Gala SPORTBIZ Awards Standard





Another complete innovation during the entire SPORTBIZ Summit event. By purchasing a VIP ticket, you gain access to a before dinner with excellent speakers and our foreign guests. It will be held on Monday, April 8, 2024 at 8:30 PM. This is a unique opportunity to talk to top experts in the field of sports business, but also people directly connected with global projects. More details coming soon!

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Do you have questions? We are happy to help you!