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A unique community of sports people in the CEE region. We create special opportunities to meet, exchange knowledge and experience, network and build relationships. During SPORTBIZ events, we want to integrate the sports community of all countries in the region, promote good practices and show the ways of development for clubs, organizations, local governments, federations and all enthusiasts of the sports industry.

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why central and eastern europe?

The economy of the CEE region has more than doubled in the 21st century, and its potential has already been recognized by global companies, which are increasingly eager to look at this market and invest considerable money in it. The particular standouts of this region are:

Competitive wage rates, a strong work ethic and an educated and international workforce make the 6 CEE countries among the top 10 European countries with the highest share of manufacturing jobs. Five CEE capitals are among the top 10 European capitals with the highest share of employment in transportation. It is also worth mentioning that the English proficiency index for all CEE countries is higher in 2022 than in France, Italy or Spain.

Significant improvements in infrastructure (especially roads) have improved the flow of goods in the region, as well as exchange with Western Europe. Huge increases in the length of highways throughout the region, dense road and rail networks or finally catching up air transport are making the CEE region very attractive to investors. Thanks to funds provided for infrastructure, so-called “catchment areas” are being expanded – central locations and border markets are gaining access to a large consumer base. Examples:

  • Iłowa in Poland, close to the German border – has access to 21.1 million consumers within a five-hour drive,
  • Bucharest – a central hub for the region from Turkey to Western Europe.

Real GDP growth in the CEE region is outpacing Western European markets and Europe as a whole. CEE GDP growth is also projected to grow twice as fast as the Eurozone average between 2023 and 2026. The region’s economy has transformed over the years into a knowledge-based economy, as evidenced by Harvard University’s Economic Complexity Index. CEE countries are steadily improving their performance in terms of the number and complexity of products they are able to produce and export. Innovation is evident throughout the region, if only in the form of investments beyond traditional manufacturing.

Domestic consumption in CEE has increased by almost 50% since 2010, more than double the EU-27 average, with Warsaw (+81%), Bucharest (+80%) and Sofia (+67%) leading this European ranking. The CEE region also saw an increase in online sales, while Western markets experienced a temporary slowdown. Moreover, Poland and the Czech Republic are expected to achieve some of the highest rates of online sales in Europe by 2026. This growth is driving demand for warehouse space. Online sales in CEE are projected to grow by more than €25 billion, leading to an increase in demand of more than 2.8 million square meters by 2026.

Real estate is a key growth engine in the region . With a limited supply of modern industrial and logistics space, demand for premium facilities is high. In addition, the region’s favorable business environment and low cost of doing business are attracting a large number of investors. For example, the Czech Republic has a corporate tax rate of 19%, which is one of the lowest in the EU.




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Since 2003 as DMS, and since a few editions already as SPORTBIZ – on the Polish market our cyclical event has been held for more than 20 years. With the establishment of SPORTBIZ Network, we significantly expand our horizons, but we do not forget about the Polish sport and our traditions, on the contrary, we open it to new possibilities, solutions and opportunities. Experience gained over the years, great knowledge of the sports industry and awareness of your expectations allow us to create the best sports and business events in the country!



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